personalized teacher supplies “I LOVE YOU” Heart Shirt (an iron-on Freezer Paper stencil) customized baby gifts

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I know Valentine’;s day is tomorrow…;…;.but well, I have one last idea to share with you.? And it’;s a quick one that I made for Elli, that can be worn all year round.? So don’;t worrypersonalized teacher supplies, it’;s never the wrong time of year to wear HEARTS! :)

And in case you missed them, here is Chloe in her LOVE shirt and Mini Heart Stamped pants and little Oliver sportin’; his “;Olive You”; stenciled onesie.? Both turned out super cute and don’;t require one lick of sewing!?

accent pillow case baby burlap boudoir

All I made for Elli this year was this simple little LOVE Heart shirt…;…;and then I let her accessorize the rest.? So she threw on her pink sequin twirly skirt, some leggings, and of course, her favorite leopard print flats.? And she was happier than a clam to have something special to wear to her school Valentine’;s day party.

The shirt showcases all those pretty pink hearts…;…;all lined up in perfect order!

I’;m thinking this same template would look adorable on the front of a plain fabric tote too.? Okay, or a pillow.? But I think I say that about everything.? That’;s the nice thing about crafting though, you get to put it on whatever little thing that makes you happy.? So cool. :)

I love this girl and adore her excitement for the new things I make her.? (And I’;m still not sure how she turned into an 8 year old…;…;.but I’;ll save that for another therapy session. ;) )

Want to create the same look?

Okay, let’;s go…;


The process for making this shirt is the exact same as the LOVE shirt and Mini Heart Stamped pants and the? “;Olive You”; stenciled onesie from earlier this week.

Such a simple design that comes together so quickly!

Enjoy your Valentine weekend! :)


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