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Note: ?A great guest post from another member of the Carousel Designs family, Suzanne Abbot!

Not that new moms really need another decision to make, but did you know that our crib skirts come in two different lengths? Some of you may have noticed that when you place a crib skirt in your shopping cart, you must choose between a 14-inch skirt and a 20-inch skirt.

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Which crib skirt length should a mom choose (and why are we making things difficult) you ask? Here are a few pieces of insight to take into consideration before you place your order.

When you first bring your new baby homepersonalized teacher supplies, you’ll have your crib mattress installed at its highest setting. That’ll make it easier for you to pick up your baby or set his precious little body down (without waking him!). At this setting, the 20” crib skirt is perfect. It’s long enough to adequately cover the space between the mattress and the floor and look finished and elegant.

When your baby grows and you lower the crib mattress for safety reasons, the 20” crib skirt may become too long. At this point, the shorter length (14”) crib skirt may look cleaner and more tailored.

Now, although some of our customers purchase both lengths and swap the skirts out when necessary, keep the following points in mind:

So really, the right length crib skirt for you will depend what look you’re going for. I hope this information has helped but if not, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

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