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Happy Friday and welcome back Cutting Edge Stencils, friends! Thinking about painting your old furniture because buying a brand new replacement is pricey? It’s affordable and practical but sometimes simplicity needs a dash of style. That’s where we step in! We’re going to show you how metallic paint and stenciling our?Passion Mandala Stencil?can enhance old furniture. Mandala designs are a huge trend in home decor whether it’;s for wall art or on accent furniture. So before you toss that old TV stand, consider giving it life by stenciling it with our Mandala Stencils! Let’;s take a look at how easy accent furniture can be created!

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Here is the TV stand that we will be up-cycling today! This piece is perfect because of its flat surface so there are a ton options to choose when it comes to color and stencils! To prep any furniture, you are going to want to sand it down first. This is to get rid of any old chipping paint. Then clean off any dust or debris that could be in the way when painting!

What you will need is a dense foam rollerpersonalized teacher supplies, paint holder, paper towel, and of course the paint. Here we have Behr Ultra Paint &; Primer in one!

The first step to painting is to always prime your furniture. So, if you do not have a paint with primer already added in like the one above, you can begin by using any primer. We always recommend STIX Primer. You can use a Cutting Edge Stencils dense foam roller for this step. Roll off any excess paint onto the paper towel and begin. You would let that dry for a good 24 hours and then you can begin to paint!

Once the TV stand was painted and completely dried, we measured out the lengths of the top and front of the stand to find a good placement for our?mandala stencil. We folded the stencil so the top half of the mandala shows on the top and the bottom half is evenly shown on the front!

We can finally paint our mandala stencil onto our furniture! Metallics are another fun trend making its way into homes! Metallic paint can make any average piece into awesome accent furniture! Using a small stencil brush, we dabbed a PPG Metallic gold color along the stencil. Always remember to rub any excess paint off the brush onto a paper towel. Minimal paint essential to avoid bleeding!

Using an even smaller stencil brush we were able to cover the detail in between the crevices of the TV stand.

After we have completely painted over the top, we took the top half of the stencil and actually folded it under and placed it inside the stand. The top flap was able to open so we hid it inside! (Pro tip: You want to place a small towel in between the stencil and furniture so nothing clips at the stencil and cuts it by accident!) Then, you can use the same stencil brushes and techniques for the front as you did for the top!

Once you are happy with the final design, you will let the paint completely dry! Then you can finally seal it with a protective finish. We used this Minwax water-based polycrylic! This is important to protecting the paint as well as your amazing Passion Mandala stencil design!

We are thrilled at how our old furniture TV stand transformation came out! It is amazing what metallic paints and a beautiful mandala stencil can do! We now have gorgeous accent furniture that will be a great focal point for this TV room!

Tell us, which Mandala stencil pattern would you use on your furniture? Leave us a comment below, we’d love to read your thoughts!

Haven’t had enough stencil fun?

Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!

Karli and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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