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Boat lovers rejoice! A summer holiday on the Broads this year with your motor-cruiser can be made ten times better with our tips for fresh interior design ideas - because a makeover whether large or small will ensure you are comfortable and in the right holiday mood. Your love of Norfolk's rivers and lakes will reflect in the design of your motor-cruiser - bringing the outdoors in.

One theme you can't go wrong with is nautical - a classic for motor cruiser decorating and yet it can be left open-ended so that you can odd your own personal touches. When adding a theme to any holiday home it is important to remember that sometimes less is more. The issue with space can mean that too many accessories will be demanding on the yes and all you really want is a relaxed atmosphere.

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We might suggest that you do nautical on a more contemporary level - taking the theme and pairing it with a minimalist approach. A nautical theme is inspired greatly by the sea, rivers and lakes that you will be travelling along during the holidays. After a day navigating the broads you want to head down into the boat and feel instantly relaxed and comfortable. Décor and colour choices that closely resemble the outdoors will make an easy transition from the deck to below. Blues, greens and neutrals are very nautical - especially the classic pairing of white with navy.

Bringing in a third colour as an accent will prevent the look being predictable and boring - red works really well in this sense. Give your dining experience a nautical theme by using wooden fold out chairs and tablepersonalized teacher supplies, made more comfortable with seat covers or cheap cushions covers. Other furniture that belong to the nautical theme include upholstered sea-grass chairs.

A few pictures on the walls will add instant character. Another accessory that wouldn't go a miss in the nautical motor cruiser is a model lighthouse or even accessories in the shape of an anchor! Ropes are also good used in the decorating of a nautical theme. You need to use your imagination a little, but for example you could tie back ready made eyelet curtains with rope, add it around the frame of a wall picture or mirror.

Chinese blue and white porcelain will stay in tune with your nautical colour theme and model boats of course. Just remember not to go over the top - one focal piece such as an antique boat model will be effective yet simple. Choose stripes! Stripes are the essential pattern for nautical interiors and look best when they are of varying sizes - mix pinstripe cushions with ready made roller blinds with larger vertical stripes.

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