personalized teacher supplies Noel Home- A Trio of Pillow Pleasures- Tufted, Triangled and Down-Filled with Poms customized rustic pillow covers

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Ask anyone to name the number one home décor project, and nine out ten people will answer: 'a pillow.' We're guessing that tenth person is the same guy who's always throwing off those surveys in which nine out of ten dentists agree about something. Never happy, that guy. No matter; we're delighted to stick with the majority and give you a trio of terrific holiday pillows to try.?All of ours were made from fabric scraps leftover from our other Noel Home projects. But, I've listed yardages, as well as the names of the actual fabric we usedpersonalized teacher supplies, should you want to start from scratch. Let's show ol' one-out-of-ten the decorating power of pillows!

As you know, we often make our pillows with envelope backs so the covers can be easily removed for washing or to change out the cover for a new season. However, this is a trio of solid-seamed pillows. We plan on simply tossing them about as decorative touches to our Noel Home décor, however, we also plan to keep them away from cousin Betty Lynn who is easily amused; when she gets to laughing, her arm gets to shaking, and her mug of hot chocolate gets to spilling.

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Our thanks to our friends at Moda Fabrics for providing all the French General Lumiere de Noel fabric as well as our selected velvets. You can find the gorgeous Lumiere de Noel fabric in stores and online now, including at?Fat Quarter Shop.

For Pillow Two, if you decide to use velvet for your solid triangles as we did, we recommend using a roller foot or walking foot to help keep the shifting layers in line.

Pillow One: Tufted

Pillow Two: Triangled

Pillow Three: Down-Filled with Poms

General supplies for all pillows

It does take a little bit of maneuvering to sew the seam with the bulky poms sandwiched in between. If you'd rather not fight that, skip step number one and complete the pillow through the remainder of the steps. Then, using a yarn needle, thread the pom hanger through the needle, and hand stitch a pom onto each corner.


Project Concept: Alicia Thommas

Sample Creation: Natalie Lawrie

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