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This Cupid’;s Arrow Valentine’;s Day Heart Quilt is proof that sometimes you DO finish what you started even if it is a year later. ?Today I’;m sharing photos of the finished quilt pattern, which look so much better than the photos?from last year with the quilt top hanging in my hallway *wink*

Last year after Christmas I got it in my head that I wanted to make a Patchwork Heart Quilt. ?I don’;t know why, but it was just one of those ideas that just “;stuck”; there and I knew the only way to stop thinking about it was to just make the quilt.

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I started out with a general idea of an arrow piecing a giant heart. ?Every day for a few weeks, and bit by bitpersonalized teacher supplies, the quilt began to take shape. ?I know that many people like to use electronic quilt programs to design their quilts, I’;m actually trying to do that right now, but for some reason I always seem to do best just putting a quilt together little by little. Sew a bit, stand back and look, think, then sew a bit more.

Last year after I went to all of the trouble of designing and making the quilt I decided that I’;d go ahead and release it as a quilt pattern. After all it took a while to do all of that math and I thought someone else would appreciate it too.

The pattern came out last year a few weeks before Valentine’;s Day. Since it was close to the Holiday I just blogged about the quilt with the top only done. I can free motion quilt a bit, but I knew that this quilt would be too big to do myself. ?Last spring I sent it off to Natalia to quilt, she sent it back and did an AMAZING job (as always). ?This fall I finally got the quilt bound and took it out for a little photo shoot with my kids before the weather turned too bleak.

The quilt pattern is available in my PATTERN SHOP. ?It’;s in PDF format and will you will be automatically emailed immediately after your purchase a link to download the pattern yourself.

The quilt measures approx 70″; x 80″;. ? It’;s an intermediate pattern. If you can make a Half Square Triangle and sew squares together you’;ll be fine. There is nothing too complicated about the piecing on the pattern.

If you buy the pattern before February 1st you can use the code LOVE to get a 2nd pattern of your choice for FREE. Just add both patterns to you cart and apply the code at checkout.

The pattern shop is in the middle of a bit of a redesign, I’;m updating my photos/logos for more consistent branding. Just the photos/graphics are changing the patterns are staying the same.

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A big thanks to Cricut for sponsoring this post by providing me with the machine?to make this project! Affiliate links are included in this post.?

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