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Minimalism is a growing trend in interior design. It has been around for a long time in architecture and interior design, but it only the over the last decade that it has become the desired look in British homes. The clean and uncluttered style that is quickly tidied is a big draw as most of us have little time for fussing over frills and scrubbing every nook and cranny nowadays. Minimal is very much a style for the modern lifestyle.

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So it’s simple right? Paint the walls white and give all of your furniture away and you are done. Well, I suppose that would be a very minimal look, but could you live like that? Minimal is a comparatively simple look to pull of but its success relies on balance to create harmony. You should still be aiming for maximum comfort but with next to no fuss. Lets start with the flooringpersonalized teacher supplies, how committed to the minimal look are you?

For those wanting to create a real statement of intent, be bold and opt for tiling. Slate tiles will give a really chic finish, plus they hide a lot of dust and dirt and therefore don’t require constant cleaning. For a really modern look, why not be daring and go for matt white tiles? Choose rectangular shaped ones for real up-to-the-minute style and increase the linear qualities of the pattern (whilst hiding dirt) by choosing black tiles grout over white. To even up the comfort/style balance, add a thick natural rug with a free form shape, a sheep skin or shag pile is ideal.

Admittedly, tiles are probably for the die-hards only, so for minimal styling with added comfort try natural wooden flooring with a modern twist such as Bamboo or Iroko or try a simple but unusual carpet such as natural Hessian.

White is obviously the best shade for the walls as it is a negative colour and therefore places all of the emphasis of the decoration and colour you place around the room. Whatdecoration? Colour? I know this may come as a shock but both are very much allowed in a minimal house. With minimalism your furniture becomes your art and decoration is found by emphasising linear patterns and qualities.

Colour is used sparingly around a room to lead the eye to various points and add a staccato rhythm to break up the flow of the white. So for an example you might have two low slung, sharp edged settees in the middle of the of the room, both in a dazzling shade of orange and perfectly arranged around a black lacquered coffee table which sits upon a black rug, turning your furniture into interactive art installations! One important detail in which particular set up is the lacquered finish of the coffee table as texture is the other accepted way to add pattern to a minimal space. You could for example install stone cladding onto a feature wall or mirror it completely.

Soft furnishings are the final way to add stylish comfort to a minimal room. If so far you have resisted the temptation to add colour then now is the time to do it. Matching curtains with your cushions and throws will retain that cohesive and uncluttered feel. To make sure they all match you could choose some discount fabric and have all of these items made to your personal taste. If curtains aren’t modern or simple enough, a fitting and not to mention very alternative is a cheap roller blind.

In the current economic climate where selling your house is a daunting and unlikely prospect, renovating and extending your current home is an ideal next best solution and can also help to add further value to your property. The most obvious renovation to consider in most properties is making your loft area a habitable space to live in.

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