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If you are about to brave the current home sales ice age by putting your house on the market, the thought of DIY is probably the last thing on your mind. But what if I was to tell you that now is in fact the perfect time to do some decorating. While the idea of spending time and money redesigning a home you have decided to part with may not sound so appealing, it certainly will help you maintain a decent price in the face of the drastic drops we have all witnessed over the last six months. If you want to buck the trend and hold onto some of your hard earned equity or if simply want to sell before we all relocate to the moon, follow the advice below to turn your property into a hot commodity.

The exterior of your home is the first thing a potential buyer will see and its importance cannot be overestimated- very often buyers will have already made their minds up before they’ve even stepped inside the front door. To stand any chance of landing a sale, your home’s exterior must say “come inside”! Therefore a well manicured garden and a freshly painted bricks/window frames/gate/garage door is an absolute must and as most visits will take place after work in the eveningpersonalized teacher supplies, remember to check that the light in your front porch works.

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De-clutter your home. Clutter not only makes a room unappealing, it also makes it look smaller. Get rid of empty boxes, stacks of newspapers, knick knacks and personal items. One or two family photos are fine, but a mantle full of photos, souvenirs, and tea cosy collections will just look untidy.

It is essential that your home is squeaky clean. Besides the obvious general cleaning, concentrate on the little details. Make sure the bathroom sink is extra white, the faucets shine, and the rooms smell fresh. Open the windows and use a soft room deodorizer. If you can get your hands on one, use a pressurised water hose to restore the original colour of your patio or pathways.

Redecorating can sell your house faster than anything else. Nothing to fancy is required but what you are trying to do is make it more neutral so that it will appeal to a much broader range of people. Rooms that are too bright or too extreme may spell out disaster for a prospective new owner, as their first thought may be on how much they will have to work to change the decor.

It may be against everything you stand for as a home decorator but a coat of white, off-white or cream will turn your home into a blank canvas in the minds of potential buyers- grin and bear it. Rearrange furniture so the room it's shown at its full potential. If you have to, borrow furniture from or leave furniture with friends and family for a few days so that rooms can be shown off at their best. Lighting is important so turn on your table lamps, if you don’t have any pick up some discount table lamps ones as low level lighting makes for a more inviting space.

It may sting but ask honest friends, relatives and neighbours what they like and dislike about your home and use their answers to prioritise the work that needs doing.

Finally, remember that nothing will help sell your house faster than a positive attitude. Even if you hate the place, concentrate on the good points and the good memories and try to really paint the picture of a full lifestyle for your visitors- if they are able to see themselves living their then it is much more likely to become a reality.

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