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Looking for a fun and practical project for sewers of all levels? This cool-looking bag goes from super simple to super trendy with plenty of options for embellishment. Enjoy playing with decorative stitches on your machine and splash some color in the process. Walk away (and around!) with a casual bag that shows some serious groove.

Step-by-step samples and photos by Gayle Schliemann.?First published in BERNINA International’;s Inspiration magazine, Special Issue “;Living”; 2012.?

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Prefer to embroider your embellishments? Download the free design from? >; Free Downloads >; Inspiration Special Issue Living US >; Design #S812. You’;ll also need?embroidery software?and accessories, including your largest hoop, OESD MediumWeight Cut-Away stabilizer, and 505 temporary fabric adhesive spray.

Step 1) Cut the fabric pieces.

Cut the following:

Stabilize the remaining dark blue fabric with medium-weight cut-away stabilizerpersonalized teacher supplies, affixing it with fabric adhesive spray.

Cut pieces of stabilized dark blue fabric large enough to accommodate the applique circles:

Step 2-a) Applique and embellish the circles using the circular embroidery attachment.

Prefer to embroider the circles? Skip to Step 2-b.

Attach the circular embroidery attachment and open embroidery foot to your machine.

Mark the center of the largest ?“;circle-accommodating”; stabilized?blue rectangle with a water-soluble marker. Place the fabric on the pin of the circular embroidery attachment.?Don’;t poke yourself!

Place a piece of silk dupioni over the pin. Place the rubber stopper over the pin.

Set the circular embroidery attachment at the shortest setting.

Straight stitch around the circle, making sure the fabric lies flat and doesn’;t wrinkle.

Trim the excess fabric from the outside of the stitched circle.

Do not remove the fabric from the attachment until all of the circular embellishments are complete.

Set your machine for a satin stitch with a width of 3.5 mm and length set at satin stitch (about 0.3 mm).

Sew over the straight stitching all around the circle.

Raise the presser foot and move the circular embroidery attachment out one or two “;clicks”; as desired.

Select a stitch from your machine’;s decorative stitch menu. Change to a different thread color if desired. Stitch completely around the circle.

Here are a few stitch suggestions:

Continue in this manner, adding stitches and changing thread colors until the circle is 9″; in diameter.

Remove the embellished fabric from the attachment.

Repeat for the remaining circles using the next largest piece of stabilized blue fabric, for a total of three circles: One 5″;, one 6-1/2″; and one 9″; diameter.?

Finish the circle edges:

Step 2-b) Applique and embellish the circles using your embroidery machine.?

Let your embroidery machine to the stitching for you! Download the free embroidery design at? >; Experience >; Free Downloads >; Inspiration Special Issue Living US.

Cut a 14″; x 18″; rectangle of blue silk dupioni for the Jumbo Hoop. Stabilize by affixing a layer of cut-away stabilizer to the wrong side with temporary fabric adhesive spray.

Embroider the large ornament. Cut out the circle, leaving a 1/2″;-wide seam allowance.

Cut two 12″; x 14″; rectangles of blue fabric for the Large Oval Hoop. Stabilize as before. Embroider the small ornament on each piece.?Cut out the circles, leaving a 1/2″;-wide seam allowance.

Finish the circle edges:

Step 3) Prepare the embellished fabric strips.

Prepare the decorative strips of silk dupioni on the royal blue foundation front and back panels.

Lay out the royal blue silk rectangles and position the decorative strips on them as desired. Notice that they are 12″; long, the same width as the rectangles.

Once the strips are arranged as you like, use the fabric glue stick to hold them in place so they don’;t move around as you sew.

Attach the edgestitch foot to your sewing machine. Select a straight stitch and move the needle position left three steps.

Place the folded edge of a strip against the left side of the guide in the center of the foot. Stitch. Repeat for all strips.

Fold the upper edges of both panels under 1/2″;; press.

Select one panel for the front of your bag.

Stitch pompoms, sequins, or other trims randomly on the front panel using decorative stitches of your choice.

Tip: Try using Binder Foot #95 for pompom trim. With only one toe, the trim won’;t catch on the foot as you sew.

Step 4) Attach the straps and appliqued circles.

Stitch the long strips of denim (the strap pieces) to the right and left edges of the front panel, aligning the lower edge of the bag front with the short ends of the straps.

Attach the braiding foot to your sewing machine. Select the running zigzag stitch and set the stitch length at 4 mm.

Tip: Bulky trims move easily under the “;tunnel”; in the sole of Bulky Overlock Foot #12/12C.

Position the embellished circles on the front panel, overlapping the straps. Stitch them in place, adding small pompom or sequin trim as you sew down the edges.

Step 5) Construct the bag.

Sew the back panel between the straps at the same end as the front panel, aligning the lower edge of the bag back panel with the short ends of the straps. Press the seam allowances toward the straps.

Place the ends of the straps right sides together; stitch. Press the seam allowances to one side and topstitch the seams.?

Stitch the lower edge of the bag together.

Box the corners to make a base for your bag:

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