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Remember last month’;s post on free-motion bobbin work by Teri Lucas? Practice your skills as you create quilted fabric for this lovely silk clutch.?


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Step 1) Prepare the “;quilt sandwich.”;

Cut linen into two (2) 18″ x 24″ rectangles –?one for quilting and one for binding.

Layer the linen, batting and silk together. Baste using your favorite method.

Step 2) Quilt the layers with bobbin work.

Set up your machine for bobbin work. (See Tips for Free-Motion Bobbin Work post, April 23personalized teacher supplies, 2014.)

Using either the freehand embroidery foot, quilt your favorite motifs. I stitched curved feathers and nautilus shells. Stop to bury thread as you go so the tails don’t get caught in the stitches.

Once the quilting is complete give the quilt a press from the linen side. This will help it lay flat.

Square the piece if necessary.

Step 3) Bind the edges.

Make 85″ of binding by cutting five (5) 2″ strips of linen “cross-grain.” There is enough stretch cross-grain to miter the corners of this project.

Cut the rectangle to 14″?x 20″.

Using your quarter inch foot, apply the binding to the linen side of the quilted piece just as you would on a large quilt.?

Once the binding is attached, clip the corners to reduce the bulk. Then fold over and stitch the binding to the silk side.

Step 4) Assemble the clutch.

With the quilt back facing you, fold the bottom approximately a third (1/3)?of the way up.

Fold the top down until the look of the clutch is pleasing to you.

Mark the fold points with pins or the chalk pencil. Do not sew the clutch closed just yet.

Apply the magnetic clasp:

Fold the lower portion of the clutch up. Using the zipper foot and thread that will blend with the fabric, stitch along each sides of the clutch.

Step 5) Add button embellishments.

Hand stitch a few beautiful buttons on the front of the clutch to cover the fabric that covers the clasp and add decoration.

Enjoy your beautifully-quilted clutch!

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