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As the head designer for Carousel Designs, I’m often asked where my inspiration for our new collections comes from and where I find the incredible fabrics we turn into our gorgeous bedding collections.

Offering over 300 coordinating fabrics for nursery décor does take some managing! Inspirations for our fabrics can come from many places. Sometimes they are as simple adding the latest designer-inspired fabrics found at regional and national fabric shows. Other times it could be an inspiration from something as commonplace as the color the sky happens to be that day or the texture of a worn piece of driftwood found on a walk down the beach.

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I also try to cover all areas of interest for our customers from the whimsical to the sophisticated, pastels to bright and everything in-between, rather than focusing on one particular style of bedding.

I spend a great deal of time researching trends and color forecastspersonalized teacher supplies, although I keep these trends in perspective as sometimes they’;re more applicable to adult fashions or home décor rather than baby décor. But first and foremost is to understand our customer. I enjoy talking with our customers immensely as I always walk away with a new insight. Keeping our designs new and fresh without abandoning the classic is a priority for me as well as experimenting with the latest trends.

In my experience designing for new and expectant parents and their babies, I’ve found that high quality and classic styling (especially since babies always grow up!) are key. There is a real trend today to move away from “disposable” items (i.e. inexpensive furniture and bedding) and toward quality, heirloom pieces. That makes passing down favorite nursery pieces and special blankets to the next generation possible.

Many of our fabrics are exclusive to Carousel Designs and printed domestically while others are purchased domestically from reliable fabric mills known for their high quality. We attend fabric shows throughout the U.S. from Las Vegas, Houston and North Carolina searching for our those perfect fabrics to construct that perfect bedding.

While it can be challenging, it’s also a lot of fun! I get so excited when we launch a new collection, like Candy Pink Damask (just added to the line this week). It’s clean, fresh, and pretty!

There are many exciting new collections on the horizon, so come back often and check out our latest styles. And if you ever have a question, or a suggestion, please drop us a line…we love hearing from you and who knows, you could inspire our next collection!


Each year, I pot narcissus and scatter throughout our home. They’re the quintessential winter flower, otherwise known as paperwhites that feel dreamy, yet traditional.

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