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With the warmer weather we’;ve had the last few weeks, I’;ve been in the mood to get out some of my summer DIY projects. This “;You are My Sunshine”;?Stenciled Burlap Pillow Sleeve tutorial is a project I made a few years ago and still one of my favorites. A little bit of freezer paper and craft paint make this an easy summer craft project.

I love simple sewing projects that have a big impact. Even though I love to sew, sometimes I can be a bit lazy. ?I wanted new pillows for my couch for summer but didn’;t’; want to go to all of the trouble of making all new pillow covers. Instead of making all new pillows, ?I designed a?simple DIY pillow sleeve that I could easily attach to a?pillow to change up the look! It is?SO easy to sew there are ONLY 2 seams, trust me you can do this!

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To add just a bit more punchpersonalized teacher supplies, I freezer paper stenciled this “;You are My Sunshine”; saying onto a piece of burlap and layered it over some fun colorful fabric. ? I think that these would be so fun to make and change out for the seasons and Holidays!

If you’;d like to make your own, I’;ve included the file for the “;you are my sunshine”; graphic on my blog’;s templates page that you can use with your favorite e-cutting machine. Stop by and pick up the free download.

I love how the?pillow adds a fun pop of color to my otherwise neutral couch. ?This pillow sleeve?would also work great if you’;re looking for something to cover a stain on an existing pillow.

I also love the idea of this type of pillow on an outdoor sofa. Just keep in mind that if you decide to use this pillow outdoors you need to either take it in when it rains, or make the entire pillow from outdoor fabric.

There are TONS of beautiful outdoor fabrics in the stores right now, I know that you could find something fun and fantastic if you wanted to.

Okay, now let’;s make one, you’;re going to need:

An existing pillow

Piece of Burlap (I bought mine at the craft store on a roll, it has a coating on the back to keep it from fraying, you can also use burlap by the yard)

1 -2 yards Ribbon

about 1/2 yard of fabric

Freezer Paper

e- cutting machine

Fabric Paint

Fusible Seam Tape

First measure around the center of your pillow. Note this measurement. This will be the length?of your pillow sleeve piece (the piece cut from the colorful fabric).

On the front of the pillow measure how much of the pillow you want covered by the colorful fabric, this plus 2”; will be the width of your pillow sleeve piece.

For example my pillow as 45”; around and I wanted 13″; of the front of my pillow covered by the fabric so I cut my fabric 15″; x 45″; –; now in actuality my fabric was?only 44″; wide and I didn’;t think it was worth sewing two pieces together, so I just went with the full width of my fabric instead- it ties in the back so a bit of gap is not a big deal at all.

Next cut your burlap to the same length but a few inches less wide than the colorful fabric. On my pillow the burlap piece is 8”; wide.

Cut out the “;You are my Sunshine”; art onto freezer paper using an electronic cutting machine. ?The shiny side of the freezer paper will be facing down on the cutting mat. Peel the freezer paper off of the cutting mat and center on your burlap piece. Using an iron, iron the freezer paper onto the burlap. You will need to make sure you also iron on the small pieces of freezer paper that make up the centers of the letters.

Iron a second piece of freezer paper to the wrong side of your burlap directly behind the piece on the front. (this piece helps keep the fabric paint from running).

Using fabric paint and a sponge brush dab the paint onto the freezer paper stencil. Let it dry completely, remove the freezer paper and set the ink with an iron. Set aside.

Turn under the two long edges of your fabric piece 1”; and press. Apply fusible seam tape under the fold and press, this will hem your fabric so you don’;t have to sew a hem.

Lay the two pieces on top of each other (the fabric piece and the burlap piece). Fold over 1”; on the wrong side each end and pin.

Stitch a long the edge of the fabric to hem. Cut two pieces of ribbon to 18″; long. Fold under the raw edge of the ribbon and stitch on top of this seam in the center of the sleeve.

Put the pillow sleeve over your pillow and tie with a ribbon on the back to secure!

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