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Our vintage theme takes an oriental twist this season. Delicately detailed accessories and plush fabrics bring a touch of classical glamour to this feminine trend in the living room, and dares to become a little more fanciful in the rest of the home. Slubby silks and velvet piles bring a sense of luxury while ornamental and whitewashed cut woodwork and metal work keep that oriental vibe going.

Geisha Green Lined Eyelet Curtains £29.99 –; £89.99

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Blossoms and Buddhas are the main focus in the bedroom with pretty pastel accessories and intricately detailed accessories. Our gorgeous Camille furniture in Duck Egg works perfectly with this trend, keeping in with the antique but feminine style.

Camille Duck Egg 5 Drawer Chest £179.99

Traditional antique cream forms the base colourpersonalized teacher supplies, whilst fresh jade blue mixed with coral brings an eastern influence. Sweet patterned bowls, with blossom and oriental fan motifs, make dining much easier this season. You can mix and match to create your own style that works for you.

Kimono Bowl £3.99

In 2013, when I found out I was pregnant, a fastidious friend passed along a spreadsheet to me of all the baby essentials I’d need for the first six or so months. My secret skill is that I am a powerhouse Googler, so I ended up using my friend’s list as a jumping-off point to satisfy my need to obsessively research every possible thing on planet Earth. Now, two kids later, and as founder of a maternity company, I am waist-deep in mama/baby/parent stuff all day, every day. I’ll admit that I’ve probably gone deeper than most (sane) people are willing to go, and have since created my own Google doc that I email around to any friend of mine who I find out is pregnant. I’ve easily passed this on to 40 friends who have in turn passed it on to their friends in the sisterhood of the traveling spreadsheet fashion. I edited it once after the babe arrived, once more after babe No. 2, and then one more time after hearing from some of my best friends who had kids.

This decorating style takes us back - way back to the time of Tudor rule from the late 15th century to the early 17th century. Even though this style began all those years ago, the trend still exists today in what is known as Tudor-Revival. This is loved for its refined and elegant look, often distinguished by its dark furniture, antiques and rich coloured palettes.

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