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Good morning, my Cutting Edge Stencils friends.? This weekend turn an old dresser into a work of art!? Paint, our furniture stencils, and a dash of creativity is all that it takes to freshen up an old piece of furniture.? We are excited to share a dresser makeover using the French Poem Craft Stencil that is sure to inspire.?? Remember to pin nowpersonalised teacher gifts, so you can complete it later!

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We’;d like to welcome back Meredith, the creative DIYer and furniture makeover queen behind the blog Arts and Classy. Not too long ago, Meredith came across a dresser sitting roadside.? She picked up this curbside treasure, gave it a fresh new look, and sold it for $40.? Once the piece sold, it made space for her boyfriend’;s dresser that was being held in storage.? He moved it and gave Meredith a chance to freshen it up with a new look.? Here is what it looked like before its makeover.

Meredith admits she’;s not a big fan of dark wood which is why she wanted to lighten this piece.? The first thing she did was paint it using Rustoleum Chalk Paint in Cottage White.? This beautiful light white hue was the perfect color to brighten the large dresser.? After the fresh coat of paint was dry she was ready for the fun part, stenciling!? Meredith had browsed our furniture stencil collection and fell in love with the French Poem Craft Stencil.? This beautiful typography stencil looks hand-written which adds to its romantic look.

She positioned the typography stencil pattern on the side of the dresser. Then she painted the pattern using metallic gold paint.

If you’;re trying to recreate this, pour your paint onto a plate or paint tray.?? Roll your dense foam roller into the paint.? Roll off the excess paint onto your folded paper towel until the roller looks almost dry. The key to stenciling is using as little paint as possible.? Too much paint will cause the design to bleed and smudge.? Painter’;s tape can help hold the stencil in place. Next you will paint the design onto the dresser with the dense foam roller.? Once the pattern is complete, you’;ll need to reposition the stencil to complete the design.? Simply pick up the stencil, align it, and continue painting the pattern.

To finish the project, Meredith painted the drawers in Rustoleum Chalk Paint Serenity Blue and Aqua Fresco.? For the complete tutorial, check out Meredith’;s blog Arts and Classy.? But let’;s move onto the big reveal! Here is her stenciled dresser!

We absolutely love how Meredith’;s dresser makeover turned out!

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Tell us: Where in your home would you use the French Poem Craft Stencil? Leave us a comment below!

Haven’;t had enough stencil fun?

Thanks for reading and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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