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But that does mean that it is now officially?Summer! Whether or not we actually get one will be down to the ‘weather-lottery’ as usual, so pray for some good numbers this year 30’s to 40’s would be nice please! It’s that time of year yet again when many of us turn our thoughts to our well earned, leisure time and holidays. For three short months of the year, the days are brighter and warmer (if not sunnier) and the lighter evenings afford us the luxury of extending our social and leisure time well beyond the hours of work.

For these few short months we are all drawn more to outdoor living and to doing all the pleasurable activities that our drawn-out, sub-zero, winters prohibit us from doing for the rest of the year. And whether it’s messing about in boats, walking by the river, sailing the seven seaspersonalised teacher gifts, taking up water sports, braving a cold shower in the morning, or just blowing up the kids’ paddling pools on a hot day, summer activities and the summer way of life always seem to revolve around water in some shape or form. Water and sun combined make our summers more pleasurable, more fun and more memorable.

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Many sun-seeking mortals will be off to enviable, tropical, paradises for vacations with sea, sand, scenery and the type of climate that you don’t want to control! Some will be taking ‘stay-cations’ in our native lands (gambling on the weather and packing the waterproofs just in case!) and others will be staying at home to simply enjoy their homes and gardens and re-charge their batteries on annual leave. Whichever category you fall in to, there is no mistaking the fact that holidays don’t last forever and are usually over quicker than you can say “an ice-cream with a flake please!” There is no mistaking either, the effects that our surroundings have on our well-being and state of mind.

Have you ever noticed how much more relaxed and energized you feel in a sunny seaside villa , a cheerful beach hut by the sea or a cottage bya lake? Our working and living environments affect our moods and emotions more than we often realize. There is little chance that your boss will let you transform your office/workplace? into a feel good mini beach scene however, but your own home is your sanctuary and your place to feel happy and relaxed in.

So why not bring the feel good factor home for as long as your heart desires and turn on ‘summer-mode’ with a Maritime/Nautical/Seaside theme to your home decor? Whether you’re heading for the beach, pool or bath tub.and whether you’re decorating a holiday home, beach hut, bathroom, living room or just the garden shed, why not break out the whitewash and add some nautical and seaside accessories for a long lasting, ?truly holiday inspired, feel good theme to your summer decor - both indoors and out?

I know that theme-ing your decor to create a particular ambience or atmosphere is advice I have given before, but it is a tried and tested way of changing both image and mood seasonally. You’ll find general, generic, advice on lightening and brightening your summer decor under? Simple Spruce Ups? and?Indoor Living?Summer Sunshine Sake Up from previous features, but for the main part this year, I am calling my feature Summer ‘Sail’ as I have endeavoured to compile some inspirational images, tips, ideas and up to date product (as well as some trusty best sellers too) to help you to create your own unique and stylish maritime dwelling for Summer 2014. And if maritime isn't your thing, there are of course other ideas too.

I hope you’ll get-on-board with some of the ideas and that you catch the wind in your sails to land yourself a?wonderfully?relaxing and revitalising?summer season. Ship ahoy everyone!

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