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The aptly named Summer Garden fabric range at Terry’s is simply bursting with colour. Eye catching sky blues and vivid oranges are mixed with ice whites and lush lavenders for a really eye catching effect that is as uplifting as it is beautiful. Its playful approach, natural themes and bright and modern colour-ways instantly took me to Barcelona.

The Catalan capital is famous for the plant-like architecture of its favourite son Antonio Gaudi and is a city that can always be found at the forefront of exciting design. With Spain currently ruling on both the tennis lawn and the football field, whilst also being lauded as the number one country in Europe for design and architecture, it is currently sitting at the crest of a wave of positive media coverage- it is, it would seem, a country that can currently do no wrong on the cool barometer!

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Therefore, if you would like to bring some Spanish flair to your home using amongst other thingspersonalised teacher gifts, the beautiful Summer Garden fabric collection, then there could be no better time than the present.

With influences from the surrounding Mediterranean region, Spanish interior design features a coastline-inspired colour palette of blues, greens, whites, and browns. The warmth of terracotta reds and oranges are other major players in Spanish colour schemes due to the widespread use of terracotta tiles for flooring and roofs.

The elements of stone and ceramics are very common in Spanish design along with pottery, wrought iron pieces, candle holders, and carved wooden panels. Metal accents of copper are also important to this style of design, which is great as warm metals are currently really popular in British design.

Wall finishes in Spanish interior design feature heavy texture made with stucco or plaster for interesting visual depth. Soft neutral glazes are often used in conjunction with these textured walls for more definition and colour. Spanish wall décor usually includes rich woven tapestries and wrought iron grilles for a rustic, elegant touch. Accessories are kept to a minimum with a tendency towards a few larger items displayed together like urns, vases, planters, and pots. You might also look to add interest with stained glass and woven wall hangings.

The furniture and accessories in Spanish homes are usually simple and down-to-earth in style. Furniture pieces are typically made of solid woods such as oak and feature sturdy designs with little ornamentation. The square dowels are often left visible as part of the rustic design. Other familiar elements of Spanish homes include built-in wall benches, free-standing cabinets, and bell-shaped corner fireplaces. The earthy floors in this setting are usually tiles made from stone, rock, or ceramic.

Remember however, though, the typical Spanish home is respectful of tradition, the Spanish (especially the citizens of Madrid, Bilbao and Barcelona) are also extremely accepting of new materials that bring a fresh and clean look to features from the past. White resin counters are prevalent in kitchen design and plastics, brushed steel and crisp renders all have a place in the modern Spanish home.

This is my first attempt at making a leather case for the iPad. It’s also the first time I’ve worked with leather, so it’s kind of rough and unfinished, but that’s how I like it. Thanks to John Sanders from for helping me pick out the leather and excellent design advice.I started this instructable shortly after the iPad 1 came out, but never finished it. ?This would still work for the iPad 2, and 3. ?The case really has proven to be indestructible. ?It's amazing how resistant leather is to wear and tear. ?No store bought, silicone, plastic, crap case would have lasted this long, while enduring this much punishment.

Yes, we’ve been home renovating.? And painting (did you see yesterday’s Picking Paint post??).? And ripping up floors so that we can lay down new ones.? Whew.

Decorating with branches – beautiful ways to integrate branches into your home decor infusing it with seasonal elements.