personalised teacher gifts Soft & Sweet Banded Bow Pillow customized rustic pillow covers

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After the whirlwind of Christmas decorating, it can be hard to muster enthusiasm for Valentine's Day. But a pretty little pillow is a fast and easy way to add a touch of romance. Today's banded bow pillow blends petite florals and sweet stripes. The muted pastels are a softly nostalgic combination that would make a beautiful bedroom accent. We add a light interfacing to the bow, which allows you to sculpt it into the shape you like best: flat against the band or puffed into traditional loops.

Today's pillow was originally made in fabrics from Verna Mosquera's?Pirouette?collection for FreeSpirit Fabricspersonalised teacher gifts, an older collection that can be hard to find. The newer Vintage collection by Annette Tatum for FreeSpirit Fabrics has similar sweet florals, charming wallpaper stripes and soothing pastels.?

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Tanya Whelan's latest Sunshine Rose collection for FreeSpirit Fabrics is another great choice with a lovely variety of soft florals, ticking stripes and damask.

We spotted a nice selection of both Vintage and Sunshine Rose at


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Sugar scrubs are great for exfoliating dry skin and help to lock in moisture with nourishing oils. I’m known for always having sugar scrub containers around. My sisters often leave my house with my latest sugar scrub creation and make requests for their favorites. I’ve been making my own scrubs for years after realizing how pricey they can be to buy. Back in college, my friend and I sat down one weekend and experimented with different sugar scrub recipes and I’ve been hooked ever since! Today, I’m sharing a twist on the most basic brown sugar scrub recipe. This orange brown sugar scrub is refreshing with its citrus scent and helps soften dry hands.

Wikimedia CommonsIn love and economics, words only go so far.

Inevitably all of your friends will be asking “When’s the housewarming party?!?”—begging for an opportunity to sip champagne and buy you plants that will die, but tbh, YOU feel like the one who is going to die.? SO—we asked our fave Toronto creative team Taylor Dani Reynolds to give us some tips on how to *quickly* and easily spruce up your space after you move in.