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Personalized Aggie ring dunk pitchers and party supplies can be an inexpensive way to personalize your favorite Aggie’;s ring dunk party. ?Here at Two Funny Girls, not only are we Aggie-owned, we also have a few Aggies working for uspersonalised teacher gifts, so we more than understand the importance of this celebratory event.

I mean…;could these vinyl stickers for your Aggie Ring pitcher be any cuter?

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Sold in a set of 8 stickers, these are the out of the park seller when it comes to Aggie ring dunks. ?While we don’;t sell the glass pitchers, we can tell you where to get them. ?We got ours for around $6 each ( in-store) and if you are in Texas you can find a store near you or buy online here.

We also love this creative idea of taking your personalized ring dunk pitcher and having all your guests sign it. ?This is something all Aggies keep for a lifetime. What a fun way to remember that special night.

Personalized Styrofoam party cups are our favorite way to personalize any party. ?Customize a cup with two sides of text to celebrate your party theme and the names/class year of each person dunking their shiny and new Aggie ring. ?The most popular size of Styrofoam cup is 16 ounces, but if you are serving beer from a keg and don’;t float your keg before midnight, we recommend a 12 or 14 ounce cup. ?These ship in 6 business days from Dallas.

Since most ring-delivery days can be a bit warm weather-wise, personalized koozies are a must have to keep your beverages from beer to water chilled during the party. ?We have so many cute and on-trend patterns and themes so you can create your personalized koozie. ?Koozies are also two sided, so you can have different text on each size of your koozie. ?We also have solid koozies , which can be a bit more affordable than our koozies with patterned designs (like crew stripe and chevron shown).

Each custom koozie fits a standard 12 oz can or water bottle and measures (2.75″;x4.125″;). Our personalized koozies have a low minimum –; order as few as 12?koozies for your Aggie Ring dunk party. ?It really makes a cute touch to your party and gives you a souvenir to remember the day you will likely never drink that much beer again.

This is the most affordable option when looking to personalize your Aggie Ring Dunk party. ?We have both white and maroon (called berry) napkins and can print in both white or maroon ink.

We can make these napkins in as few as just 50. ?You can even make them more generic and use them for both your ring dunk and any graduation parties you will soon have. ?Just an idea!

Congrats and Gig ‘;Em.

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Of all vintage linens, I think hankies must have the best stories. Just think about it –?tucked into pockets and purses they went everywhere, while other linens –?towels, sheets, doilies –?were relegated to bed, bath, and dining rooms, or stayed hidden in linen closets and cedar chests.?