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Summertime travel season is here! Weekender bags, totespersonalised teacher gifts, duffel bags, toiletry?kits, cosmetic bags –; we have it all. We can’;t wait to help you customize your travel style! We’;ve got your bag! Take a peek at some of our favorite bags and accessories:

linen cushion covers

Need packing tips for different sized bags? Check out this helpful article from Buzzfeed before you book your next trip. Don’;t forget to order your travel bags now so they are ready to use all summer long.

You can’t help but wonder how all these toxins are slipping by us. One after another, we find that chemicals we thought were safe are not. We use them in good faith, then find out they are implicated in very serious health conditions. You begin to lose your faith in science. How does this happen?There are many reasons behind it, but one problem is the testing protocols: for the most part, the chemicals (when tested at all) are tested for high level exposure (a large quantity in a short period of time), or occupational exposure (the level isn’t as high, but it is continual for eight or so hours every day.)

If you’re looking for a simple way to add a little bit of something “extra” to your Christmas gifts this year, then you may like these simple Canvas Christmas Gift bags! I always love finding new, cute Christmas gift bag ideas, and hope that you’ll enjoy this one!?

I was recently asked by?Handmade Charlotte stencils??to create something with their craft stencils. I was sent my favorite pack……..they have several to choose from and I knew exactly what I wanted to transform.