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This Sew4Home exclusive design allows you to create a beautiful chair cushion with fancy accent piping and nice square corners but without any beads of sweat forming on your brow. There's no side gusset; we use box corners instead. And the piping is attached as individual strips, so there are no trickhy corners. You'll be sitting pretty in no time.?These easy cushions are designed for chairs with a solid back that can't accommodate the more traditional ties used to secure most off-the-shelf chair pads. Our solution: gripper fabric on the bottom to keep the cushions from sliding. Of course, you could use them on any type of chair as an alternative to dangling ties.?

We used quilting weight cotton, which might seem like an unusual choice for something that will be exposed to daily wear and tear. But our samples have easily stood the test of time. This is a S4H Classic Project that has been in use for several years in the home of one of our team members. Because we chose a quality designer cotton, there are no worn spots and very little sun damage. It's one of the reasons we always promote the use of quality fabric. It's not only better to sew with as you put together your projectpersonalised teacher gifts, the finished item retains its good looks.?

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Like the placesettings shown above? You can find instructions for both the revisible placemats as well as the super-simple napkins.?

Our chair cushions were originally made with fabric from the Flora &; Fauna collection by Patty Young. This is an older grouping that can be hard to find. As an alternative, we selected two combinations from Caravelle Arcade by Jennifer Paganelli for FreeSpirit which we found in good supply at ?

Our sample chair measured 14?" across the back, 15?" across the front and 14?" from front to back through the center. The fabric amounts listed below will accommodate this basic size. If your chair seat is quite a bit smaller or larger, make your pattern first, and use it to figure out your yardage.

NOTE : You'll notice the piping is slightly offset at the corners. Now, there are bound to be some of you who are driven slowly insane by this off-set. To you I say, 'But you didn't have to make a gusset!!' That's the whole idea of this project. It's a thick and comfy chair pad with nice boxed corners and a lovely piping accent, but you didn't have to use the much-more-complex gusset technique. And, I bet, unless you spend the entire day down on one knee staring at the cushion corners, you'll forget about that tiny off-set in about five minutes. I've forgotten about mine already. If you'd like to learn more about making a box corners, check out our full Box Corners Tutorial. If you'd like to learn about gussets and piping, try out our project: A Bundle of Box Style Floor Cushions.?

Contributors Project Design: Alicia Thommas Sample Creation: Kathy Andrews, What Sew Ever

Happy Friday, my DIY decorating friends!? Cutting Edge Stencils was just saying the other day we love seeing our stencils reused for multiple projects.? And our stencil light bulb went off just as we were browsing one of our favorite home decor sites, West Elm.?? We always share how to steal some of their gorgeous high end pieces but what if we showed you how to steal multiple pieces using one stencil.? So that’s what we’ve done.? We’ve taken our popular Chevron Craft Stencil and paired it with Benjamin Moore paint colors to recreate the West Elm looks we love?? Come take a look…

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This week we want to talk sleepwear. Since Marilyn Monroe famously stated she wore nothing in bed except Chanel No.5, the matter of what we wear in bed has been a popular talking point. If you prefer to wear something more substantial than fragrance to sleep in, what do you choose? Cosy, comfortable pyjamas? Or a cute nightdress?