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Yvonne and Rebecca Drury co-founded their hand-drawn wallpaper and textile business ‘;MissPrint’; in 2005, and really understand the impact colour and pattern can have on your home and your wellbeing. We spoke to the MissPrint team to get some advice about the use of decor in influencing our mood and promoting a more mindful, happy home.

“;Mindfulness is all about being in the moment and at ease, appreciating the little things in life and not dwelling on things outside of your control. It’s not always easy achieving this Zen-like mindset in day-to-day life but making small changes in your home is a great place to start.

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Colourand pattern are great at evoking feelings and emotion. They can help you tocreate spaces in your home that can be uplifting or to help you unwind. Havinga familiar space where youcan feel truly relaxed and yourself every day can help you quickly switch offfrom the stresses and strains of daily life.

Thinkabout the look and feel that can help your personality become more balanced: ifyou are often worked up and have too much energypersonalised teacher gifts, perhaps soft or chalkycolours can help settle your mood. They don’t have towishy-washy or bland –; thinkearthy sage greens, china blues, soft greys or stone colours that can be great forcreating a sense of calm tranquillity.

Changing colour in different rooms of the home canalso serve different purposes. If you often need an uplifting boost of energywhile you sip coffee in the morning, you could choose a warm, bright yellow or orangewallpaper in your kitchen to inspire the day ahead.

Pattern also helps the mind to unwind; our designs areall originally drawn by hand using pencil, pen and paper so each element in arepeating block is unique. We feel that drawing by hand rather than computer-generateddesign is much closer to the organic forms found in nature. Non-perfect linesare things we love.

Introducingnatural materials to your home like wood and stone can add a sense of calm bybringing nature into your home. Think about introducing some key features suchas a washed wooden floor or a selection of stone and ceramic vases –; these can createa relaxing influencefrom room to room.

Alsoconsider the fabric you use –; natural fibers are a good choice and a knittedwool throw or some textured woven rugs are a great way to provide extra comfortand a tactile quality to a home. When mixed with light airy curtains they cancreate a very calm and relaxing space. Modern interior design is currently embracing the use ofnaturalmaterials.

Growingplants really do make people happy and can add life and vitality to a home. Certain species are even able to help purify the air you breathe andfilter out the chemicals and toxins. Don’t thinkyou have to create an urban jungle, you can start small and try introducing afew cacti or herbs to a window seal or your desk to see how they change yourmood.

Artificialplants will not really help here – it’s more about the living organism subtlychanging day-to-day and through the seasons. If you’re not particularlygreen-fingered you could choose low maintenance species such as Rubber Trees orMoney Plants.

Naturallight is a wonderful thing and should definitely be embraced no matter whatsize your windows are. When we’re lucky enough to have clear skies, streamingsunrays can be an instant mood lifter. Light cotton curtains or layered voilesare a great way to keep a bright airy feeling and allow diffused light to enterwhen the sun is strong or to add some privacy. You can always add a blackoutblind behind the curtains/voiles in bedrooms for a great night’s sleep.

Soft evening light is just as important –; take the time to light some candles (never unattended of course) as their soft warm flickering glow adds a calming atmosphere to help rinse away the stresses of the day.”;

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