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The must have interior design colour for 2009 in Mimosa, a bright and cheerful yellow which denotes change, hopefulness and reassurance. With present economic climate Mimosa is the ideal colour to restore morale and hope into people's lives and homes. The colour is also associated with cheerfulness, imagination and innovationpersonalised teacher gifts, as such this colour is the ideal choice when it comes re-vamping your home on a budget.

Painting a kitchen, or one wall with yellow Mimosa will add a cheerful feel which warming, inviting along with bringing connections to the outside world during the gloomy winter months. Due to the nature of the hue it is also the perfect choice for making small rooms feel larger, open and inviting. If you are decorating on a budget then there are a number of inexpensive ways you can bring this years colour into your home.

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Yellow coordinates beautifully with many other colours if you feel that an entire room painted yellow would be too overpowering. Try teaming it with green for an invigorating fresh feel which is typically associated with spring to make the winter months seem shorter. Alternatively yellow teamed with blue provides a Mediterranean look which is also a great way to be reminded of blue skies, holidays and warmth during the winter months.

Grey is also on the top this year's colour lists and is the perfect companion for yellow in lounges and bedrooms. If your budget doesn't run to re-painting walls you can still inject subtle touches of yellow in soft furnishings and window treatments. If the kitchen is the hub of your home then this would be the ideal room to use yellow, particularly if you have a south facing window with a sunny disposition.

The latest Venetian blinds which are robust and durable are ideal to use in kitchens due to their versatility and affordability. The latest design have a whole range of colours, including yellow, which will blend with white cupboard doors or wood finishes beautifully. Old tables which have seen better days can be transformed by a lick of paint in creamy yellow and the seat reupholstered in yellow to give a fun and friendly look.

Coordinate the windows by opting for Roman blinds kits which enable you to use the same fabric as the chairs in dining areas, which will bring the design together wonderfully and bring a sense of cohesion to the area. Roller blinds or Roman blinds are the ideal solution if you have a half glass back door which is also in your kitchen.

Again, coordinate these with your design by opting for either a plain or patterned fabric which includes yellow. The great thing about interior design is the ability to mix and match patterns with plain to achieve a whole range of looks which will suit the style of your home as well as your budget.

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