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I’;ve been getting alot of questions about my craft room. I posted photos about a year ago when I first got it set up but it has changed alot since then. When we finished our basement, I got a room! Yeah! It was I had to plan it out right- I even went as far as to draw it out on graph paper to make sure all the stuff would fit first.. My husband put in the floors, cabinets and built all the IKEA stuff (seriously.. ?LOVE LOVE IKEA, but it comes in like a million pieces!) I’;m so lucky to have him help me out with everything. ?He along with a great contractor who came over one night when I decided last minute that I HAD to have a closetpersonalised teacher gifts, made this an awesome room for me to work in.

I keep waiting for it to be “;clean”; before I post photos , but I realized today, It’;s not EVER going to be clean.. this is about as good as it gets! I kept 2nd guessing myself today for posting the photos, it looks sooo messy on film.. but hey, that’;s the way it is! and this is clean ??

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So here are some photos, with a little bit of info…; and yes, I know I have A LOT of stuff. The way I work, I work best when my stuff is out and I can see it …; So I have a tendency to keep stuff in open baskets, glass jars and piled up on counters. It gives the room a bit of a “;messy”; feel but it really helps me when I’;m creating ..*just a note, for some reason, the photos look great on my computer but I think blogger is degrading them a bit.. anyone know how to fix this?*So enjoy, feel free to ask questions! (oh- I’;ll get the paint color up ASAP)

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Of all vintage linens, I think hankies must have the best stories. Just think about it –?tucked into pockets and purses they went everywhere, while other linens –?towels, sheets, doilies –?were relegated to bed, bath, and dining rooms, or stayed hidden in linen closets and cedar chests.?