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Today I’;m going to show you how to make this DIY Valentine’;s Day wreath, THEN?I’;m going to show you how to use the SAME wreath and swap out the elements to make it work for any season! No more buying multiple wreaths during the year.

This wreath was SUPER simple to make! ?I just started out with a Styrofoam wreath form and wrapped it in 3″; wide cotton lace. (it took about 2 1/2 yards of lace).

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I printed out a bunch of digi images to use from InstaKiss &; KissMe word art kits.

I then took a bamboo skewer and covered it with gold washi tape.

I ?glued some glitter tipped trapezoid shaped papers to the one end…; and 2 printed hearts to the other (from new instaKiss kit).

The trick to making the wreath interchangeable is to have as many of the elements grouped together as possible. Then you just need a pin or 2 to attach. ?Here you can see where I taped feathers to the back of the paper cut out.

So far I’;ve made the Valentine’;s elements and some Birthday elements for my wreath.

The birthday wreath is made from the Let them Eat Cake?kit. ?I then just cut some of paper straws in half and taped them to the back. To attach it I hid some straight pins in the straws.

I started pulling together a bunch of elements for Spring and Mother’;s Day wreaths! I’;m also planning on making elements for the wreath to match my Kentucky Derby Centerpieces from last year.

?I plan on keeping all of the pieces in a box then just pulling them out as I need them for the seasons! At the end of the year I hope to have a full year’;s worth of elements that I can change out seasonally!

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Of all vintage linens, I think hankies must have the best stories. Just think about it –?tucked into pockets and purses they went everywhere, while other linens –?towels, sheets, doilies –?were relegated to bed, bath, and dining rooms, or stayed hidden in linen closets and cedar chests.?

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