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This Herb Garden for Cats was designed with my cat Peaches in mind. This rare kitty of mine can be a real stinker when it comes to eating my flowers. She will eat any fresh flowers I bring into the house and if I don’;t have any, she will sneak out onto the porch to take a bite of whatever is in my flower pots.

She knows she’;s not supposed to by the large and fast bites she takes as I’;m approaching her, telling her “;NO!”;. I thought maybe she’;d really enjoy her own herb

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Roses are her favorite and although she’;s an indoor cat, she likes to head out into the backyard with me when I throw the ball for the pup. She likes to lay under the lily?leafs like she’;s in a jungle or she heads straight for the rose bush while in bloom. She will rip a full bloom off and run inside with her new find. Better than bring in a mouse or snake I suppose.

When Rachael Ray? Nutrish? Indoor Complete Chicken with Lentils &; Salmon Recipe cat food asked if I’;d like to partner up for their “;It’;s a Jungle Out There”; campaignpersonalised teacher gifts, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I wanted to create an indoor “;jungle”; Herb Garden for Cats. Perhaps this would help save my flowers and give my kitty Peaches something to snack on between meals.

I kept it very simple using 2 herbs I knew she liked. Since I was using small terracotta?pots, it was easy to transfer the plants and fill in with just a little potting soil. If you end up really going for it, getting your hands dirty, I’;ve got a simple DIY Gardening Hand Scrub you can whip up to get embedded dirt off your skin.?

I’;ll keep the plants near her eating area along with the?Rachael Ray? Nutrish? Indoor Complete Chicken with Lentils &; Salmon Recipe for indoor cats.?I’;ll probably place at least one plant on our deck for when she suns herself. Although she’;s an indoor cat, she doesn’;t feel like it since she can hang out on our deck that doesn’;t have access to our yard. She has no idea how restricted she is. ??

Keeping this girl happy is a must, otherwise, she will meow ALL DAY LONG until she gets her way. I am not kidding.

So far she’;s loving her new food and new herb garden for cats! Maybe this will keep her away from my geraniums and hydrangeas! For more pet-friendly?ideas for keeping your pet happy, visit The Family Life Jungle.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Rachael Ray Nutrish. The opinions and text are all mine.

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