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HOW TO SELECT CURTAIN RODSChoosing home decor can be difficult, especially something permanent you screw in the walls just like curtain roads. By selecting the proper size, choosing right color, wooden or metallic and picking finials to accent the lookpersonalised teacher gifts, yoiu can create a diffrent decor for your home. Once you have selectterd the curtain fabric, choosing arod is simply a matter of few considerations.WEIGHT OF THE CURTAINWeight of the drape is important as if you are choosing heavy drapery then you have to choose the thicknesss of the rod. If you are choosing heavy drape then you can choose rod with larger diameter.If you're hanging a lightweight material, such as lace, you may want a small, half-inch diameter rod.MEASURE BEYOND THE WINDOW FRAMEExtending your curtain rod 3–6 inches beyond the frame of your window makes your window seem larger and allows additional light to stream in. This way wen you will open a curtain then it will rest on the walls making the window look big &; will not block light from the window.MATERIAL OF CURTAIN RODConsider the material of your curtains when choosing a material for your drapery rods. Drapery rods can be made of plastic, different metals or wood. If you are using sheer curtain or light weight curtains then you can go for smooth metal rod. Other way around if you are using heavy drapes then you can go for heavy curtain rods. While cafe rods are most susceptible to sun damage, sunlight reflected off light fabric, plastic roman shades or white walls can damage any rod over long periods of time.

COLOR OF CURTAIN RODIf you’re going for a designer look with your curtain rods, select a rod that picks up tones of the darkest furniture in your room. While this may not be your first instinct, it pulls the space together and creates pleasing contrast, a bit like eyeliner for your room.Choose a color for your drapery rod that matches one of two things: other items in the room or the curtain itself. Usually, you'll want to match your rod to other items in your room.

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