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I’;ve just returned from the final fabric show of the season and I couldn’t be more excited. I can hardly wait for everyone to see all of my great finds! Even though the selection was not as large as in previous years, what they did have was “spot on”!

One of the most noticeable trends I saw was large scale prints. The bigger the better! While this can be a bit challenging when working with smaller items such as baby beddingpersonalised teacher gifts, it can also bring the “wow” factor to the nursery.

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Color trends ranged from earth tones with a focus on organics to vibrant reds. Slate seemed to be the neutral color of choice with softer shades of lime or mustard worked in.

And did I mention florals? Yes, lots of floral and geometric designs were noticeable everywhere.

Now the fun starts, turning these fabrics into some fabulous baby bedding to create your special nursery! Be sure and check our website over the next few weeks to see all the new collections.


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