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Green has made a comeback in a big way in the world of interior design, especially for bedrooms and living rooms. The right shades of green can give any room a relaxing, calming feeling which makes the room a pleasant place to spend one's time. However, green isn't just for these rooms; in factpersonalised teacher gifts, green makes a wonderful choice of colour for your dining room as well.

Whether as a main colour theme or accents, soft shades of green can add a feeling of serenity to your dining room which can make you actually look forward to cooking at the end of a long day so that you can enjoy a leisurely meal in this room. You can carry this theme through almost everything in the room if you so choose by going for different tones which complement one another.

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While it's no longer a popular colour for kitchen appliances as it was in the 1970s, avocado green (perhaps toned down by a shade or two) makes a soothing colour for the walls of your dining room. You could also choose to paint a single accent wall in this colour if you're going to balance it out with the colour of your linens or other items. Sage and sesame tinted greens are also good choices, although you'll probably want to stay away from darker shades of green since these can make your dining room feel smaller than it really is.

Although you almost certainly wouldn't want to install green-tinted lighting in your dining room, you can add a touch of green to your natural lighting by choosing sage green curtains?for your dining room windows that are a shade or two lighter or darker than the colour of your walls. Stay away from lime or other especially bright greens, however, since this can detract from the calming mood you're trying to create; these colours also tend to draw a little too much attention to themselves.

You can easily create a decorate centrepiece for your dining room table which works with your green colour scheme by using a small basket and filling it with seasonal plants. Flowers (along with some of their leaves) in the spring and summer are a good choice. Twigs, pine cones and seasonal fruits are also nice additions which will allow you to play up the calming, natural feeling of a green dining room year round. Choose rugs direct from online retailers to compliment the shade of green you've chosen, this will also add another texture to the room.

This week we're going to share 7 purple living room ideas with you. From the palest lilacs to the darkest aubergine, there's some stunning purple shades each offering a different look to your living room. Purple is considered a regal colour making it the perfect colour choice if you want to up-date your living room and try something new.

You may nor like to admit it but your little girl or boy is growing up and as much as the cute wallpaper and baby soft colours are hard to part with for you it's time to move on! Remember they're growing up which doesn't mean they have to 'suffer' everything beige – let them choose their bedroom colour scheme and you may just be pleasantly surprised.