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The rustic chic style has been growing in popularity since the beginning of the year and shows no signs of slowing down just yet; in fact it could see its fame coming to a high point this autumn. With an understanding of what this style is all about, you will see what we mean when we say that it is a perfect look for autumn inspired homes.

One of the key elements is the rustic style of furnitures and finishing touches that have a naturally cosy, warm and lived-in feeling. Together with chic textilespersonalised teacher gifts, lighting and a good sense of Eco-awareness - this is rough against smooth, vintage alongside modernity. It can be very confusing to define a style when there are similar names/styles such as shabby chic, country chic, rural chic and so on. It raises the question if this is just a case of many terms for one look and the case will always be argued!

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To make it easier for you, here are the defining elements of this style; so if you walk into a room and can tick all the boxes, you are on the right lines!

Straps to laces, suede to metallic leather, the gladiator sandal is a timeless symbol of summer that infuses any outfit with a carefree, warm-weather vibe. Since our love affair with glads has outlasted the trend, we traveled to Italy, home to the skilled artisans who shape the finest materials into our exclusive Italian collection.

After I finished making the Last Days of Summer Tank, I had a bit of material leftover, so I made my littlest niece a pinafore. Do you recognize which one of our past tutorials inspired this sewing project? This pinafore is perfect for putting over a dress, or for wearing with leggings and a top. I clearly want to relive my dreams of Little House on the Prairie, because I’m definitely going to make a matching bonnet next.

I'm all giddy and excited about attending the Meet the Blogger Amsterdam conference next Monday and Tuesday.